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Online sale if Liguria extra virgin olive oil

Production and online sale of Ligurian extra virgin olive oil: from our oil mill in Liguria directly to your home. Tradition and quality are the key words in the production of the fine Ligurian oil signed by Frantoio San Martino, which is located right in the homeland of the Taggiasca olive.

On our e-commerce, you can purchase Ligurian extra virgin olive oil which, both from the Taggiasca cultivar and from local olives from Western Liguria, is one of the jewels of the Italian food and wine tradition.

To create a fine and excellent oil, our production combines passion, attention to quality and maintenance of traditional production techniques from the Imperia hinterland.

The tradition of the fine Ligurian oil from our oil mill

The heart of our production is our family oil mill, the Frantoio di Dolcedo, which we have put back into operation to recover the ancient oil mill tradition and the authenticity of the oil.

Here is the secret behind the goodness of our Ligurian extra virgin olive oil revealed: created according to the ancient recipe from olives cradled by the good air of the Ligurian Sea, selected by hand and cold pressed with traditional machinery. This oil is a true olive concentrate, obtained from the fruits of the Imperia valleys, primarily Taggiasca.

The qualities of Ligurian extra virgin olive oil on sale in our shop

Each Ligurian oil on sale on our e-commerce is part of a precious limited production, a collection of unique flavors and aromas, which make it much more than a simple condiment.

The choice of selected products is very wide: from our precious D.O.P. oil Riviera Ligure, the Taggiasca Monocultivar par excellence, protected by the Consortium and subjected to rigorous controls to ensure the healthiest condiment for your table.

Moving on to the other fine oils from the Taggiasca area, we boast two excellent productions, available in different formats: the Cultivar Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil, a delicious cold-produced must oil, and the Riserva Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil, a monocultivar obtained from the best selection of olives, cold processed.

Finally, you will find the delicious 100% Italian oil: a high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil created from a perfect balance of delicious cultivars, all Italian and carefully selected by our regular suppliers.

On our online shop you will find a vast choice of fine oils, available in many formats, from glass bottles to cans, suitable for all tastes. Discover the tradition and quality of Ligurian extra virgin olive oil with the convenience of online sales.

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