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Online sale of garden products in oil

Our oil mill combines traditional production with ancient typical family recipes. Thanks to our online shop, our garden products in oil pass from our garden in Dolcedo directly to your home, enriching your table with preserves, sauces and side dishes.

In the hills behind Imperia the products of the land grow fragrant and genuine, caressed by the breeze that flows up from the sea towards the hinterland, and bring with them the tastes and aromas of our wonderful territory.

Genuine garden products with the scent of the Ligurian hinterland

We bring to your tables the best ingredients of Liguria grown with care and passion in our garden in Dolcedo and prepared according to the original recipe. A collection of traditional Ligurian preserves and sauces, made with fresh and selected ingredients.
Our garden products are prepared following the ancient production, the one that we decided to recover by returning to stone milling, manual harvesting and selection of the best fruits.
The most famous is our original Pesto alla Genovese, produced using only Ligurian basil and following the ancient family recipe. This seasoning for first courses will bring all the scent of Liguria to the table. Also not to be missed is the tasty Walnut Sauce, the sauce for the perfect addition to your filled pasta dishes, such as the famous pansoti.

In the section of our online shop dedicated to the sale of products in oil, you will also find two of the beloved side dishes of Italian cuisine: ideal for delicious aperitifs and to accompany your best second courses or enrich summer pasta or rice salads.

Our Dried Tomatoes in oil, obtained by sun-drying a selection of the tastiest and most fragrant tomatoes, and the delicate Artichoke Hearts in oil immersed in an embrace of our extra virgin olive oil.

The scent of the Ligurian hinterland spreads through our products in oil, grown with care and love in our garden. They are prepared following traditional Ligurian recipes, using fresh and selected ingredients, to offer you an authentic collection that expresses the flavors of our wonderful territory.

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