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Preserved fish in oil for sale online

Frantoio San Martino specializes in the production and online sale of typical Ligurian products, including delicious fish preserves in oil, and in the recovery of the ancient oil mill tradition of the Imperia area. This western area of ​​Liguria, famous for the renowned production of Taggiasca, boasts a long food and wine history which includes seafood.

Premium preserved fish from Ligurian sea

The Ligurian Sea, with its clear waters rich in fish, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Ligurians, well-known navigators and fishermen.

Our products from the Ligurian Sea, the result of ancient family recipes, combine local extra virgin olive oil with the excellent fish of the area.

We select the best of the fresh catch, we clean it with care and process it before immersing it in our fine extra virgin olive oil, bringing canned fish in oil to your table: authentic delights with a unique taste and aroma.

For lovers of blue fish, we recommend our Anchovy Fillets in extra virgin olive oil, a true delicacy. Instead, for versatile dishes, our tuna fillets in oil, on sale in our online shop, are ideal.

Discover the authentic taste of the Ligurian Sea with our fish preserves in oil, where tradition meets quality.

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