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Our Dolcedo Vineyard: Production and Sale of Wine

The history of viticulture in Liguria is thousands of years old. The first traces of viticulture in Liguria date back to the 1st century BC, of ​​probable Greek origins. Ligurian vineyards have their roots in antiquity, where the art of cultivating grapes evolved over the centuries and remained the predominant cultivation until 1500.

The terraces on the hills, the dry stone walls and the limestone soils characterize the vineyards. Despite the geographical challenges, the passion of Ligurian winemakers has produced unique wines, celebrating the history and richness of the territory through every sip.

As was usual in the past, in Liguria the cultivation and harvesting of olives in winter was alternated and complementary to that of vines in summer. We at Frantoio San Martino, respecting tradition, also wanted to continue with this philosophy.

Passion and family management are reflected in our fine and genuine Ligurian wines for sale online. The fruits are born and grow on the hills behind Imperia, in the inland village of Dolcedo, where our Frantoio San Martino is located where we produce and sell wine.

In fact, we vinify grapes coming exclusively from our own vineyards, with different exposures and at altitudes ranging from a few dozen up to 300 – 400 meters above sea level, thus allowing us to be able to describe the different characteristics of our places with our wines.

A harsh and not very fertile land, dotted with kilometers of dry stone walls, but precisely for this reason suitable for producing excellent white wines and red wines. Our native vines are the origin of the three qualities of typical Ligurian wines available in our shop:

  • Pigato DOC Riviera Ligure di Ponente
  • Vermentino DOC Riviera Ligure di Ponente
  • Rossese DOC Riviera Ligure di Ponente

Wine Tastings in Imperia

To offer an immersive experience that can give you the authenticity of our territory you can come and visit us and taste all our wines directly in our Frantoio San Martino in Dolcedo (IM).

In fact, if you are looking for wine tastings in Liguria and you are in the Ponente area you can easily reach us for a tasting of typical wines and stop to stay overnight in our farmhouse to enjoy a week of nature and relaxation.

If you want to experience the emotion of discovering the 4 seasons through a unique experience told through wine, book a wine tasting in Imperia.