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Aromatic Herbs Infused Olive Oil 250ml – 6 Bottles Box


Seasoning with a base of extra virgin olive oil flavoured with herbs. Adding more than one box to the cart you will be entitled to a 3% discount

The Aromatic herbs seasoning by Frantoio San Martino is the meeting between the precious Ligurian extra virgin olive oil from our mill and the herbs from our garden in Dolcedo, behind Imperia: obtained through a long and careful maceration process, like all of our products it follows the ancient traditional family recipe and offers a unique and genuine taste.

Our Aromatic Herb-infused Olive Oil is on sale on our website in the special dark glass bottle to preserve all of its organoleptic characteristics.


Format: 250 ml dark glass bottle
Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil by Frantoio San Martino, aromatic herbs
Serving suggestions: Perfect for seasoning salads and cold dishes, our Aromatic herbs-infused olive oil will add aroma to soups and boiled vegetables as well. Great on bruschetta or simply on a slice of rustic bread.

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